In the last few years, courses on every topic imaginable have appeared in every corner of the internet, from personal blogs to Udemy and Skillshare. The travel blogging niche is no exception. Writing a blog while travelling the world is the dream of many people. And that, unfortunately, leads to a lot of bad products hitting the market. The desire to succeed often pushes people to spend their money on things that won't serve them.

Don't believe the hype! Travel blogging is not easy. It's not about a formula for posting on Instagram. It's not about spending a fortune on Facebook Ads (after you've bought a guru's Facebook Ads course) and it's not about gaming the system. It's about finding a workflow that suits your style and learning from people that walk the talk. The following travel blogging courses are from respected bloggers and travel entrepreneurs. They will serve you well on your journey to travel blogging success.

Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt

It's hard to talk about the travel blogging world without mentioning Nomadic Matt. As one of the most influential bloggers, Matt Kepnes has done it all in this niche. Matt's been blogging for over ten years and according to some sources, is the world's most powerful travel blogger.

superstar blogging by matt kepnes

Build Blog Freedom

Designed for established bloggers who want to take their blogs to the next level. This is not a beginner course. But it is suitable for people who manage low-traffic blogs. As long as the foundations are in place, this course will fast-track you to being a blog business owner and not just a hobbyist.

Aimed at digital nomads, the Build Blog Freedom course is perfectly suited to the travel blogging niche as there is a lot of overlap. The underlying principles of creating content that Google wants is universal.

digital nomad wannabe buid blog freedom

Travel Blog Team

Here's a shameless plug for our travel blogging course. It might only be a “How To Start A Travel Blog” blog post but it's a long one (without fluff).

And it's free. We all like free, right?
Learn how to write travel-related content, build a solid SEO-friendly website, and get started with social media.

Travel Blog Team Travel Blogging Course
Best Travel Blogging Courses

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